Early morning fishing storm


iphone photos now part of the rob davis | blog

This is the first of many photos uploaded straight from my iPhone. I am working to compile a book of walking around iPhone photos. For the complete gallery, flip over to my facebook page.


Fantastic Mr. Fox Opens @ CAC

I did an audio slideshow for HumidBeings.com to promote this unique production of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, opening at the Contemporary Arts Center on March 12th.  Directed by Arthur Mintz, this rendition involves not only puppets but 13 separate sets connected with tunnels, all of which are made from recycled cardboard.  With costumes by Mintz’s wife Theresa Anderson and voices by Johhny and Deborah Vidacovich, this play will surely be a treat for all ages.

Check out the audio slideshow here:




Mardi Gras Indians @ Super Sunday:


the new website is up


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Same design.  More content.  I just finished updating my website with a bunch of new still & multimedia content.  If anyone sees any issues with the new site I would love to know about them: rob@robdavisphotography.com


NYTimes does fashion shoot at Prospect1 Sites

This is interesting to say the least.  New York fashion photographer Maciek Kobielski did a photo shoot for The New York Times Magazine at various Prospect1 installations including Dawn DeDeaux’s where my piece about KKPRoject’s Ritual Feast was shot.

Check it out at NYTimes.com.

Here is my piece:


Come get your portrait taken at the 8th Annual Not-So-Super Super Hero Party

I’m doing a portrait booth at Dirty Coast’s 8th Annual Not-So-Super Super Hero Party. Become the anti-hero you’ve always wanted to be and have it documented.

Saturday 2/21
Hi-Ho Lounge, 2239 St. Claude, New Orleans, LA
sponsored by: Dirty Coast, HumidBeings.com and Antigravity Magazine
Cover: $10
Featuring: Rotary Downs
Fleur de Tease
Not-so-super Elvis
Brian Coogan and Friends, Simon Lott, Anthony Cuccia, Justin Peake and Mike Gamble (NY)
Photo Booth by Rob Davis


Supasaint Footloose Video Released

Here is the new SupaSaint Video: Supaloose

Check out Supasaint’s Web Page


Welcome to the rob davis blog.

This is the blog counterpart of robdavisphotography.com. Subscribe via e-mail or RSS for updates. The site will feature projects I am working on, photo industry/technology discussion, general NOLA stuff and anything else that I feel like posting.



Here is some recent work.


Supasaint Footloose Video

I spent Sunday on the set of Supasaint’s new hilarious video remake of the warehouse dance scene from Footloose. Here are some production shots.  I’ll post a link when they get it online.



Dirty Coast Tattoo Project

Did this project over two days for Dirty Coast at Pigment Tatt’s on Magazine St.  Eight dudes got free Acadiana Self Reliance tattoos courtesy of Dirty Coast.  Click the photo below to check it out on their site.


Magazine St. Small Businesses

A Humidbeings.com project about the mecca of small businesses on Magazine St.


Nolaween 08′

This is an audio slideshow I pulled together amongst the craziness on Halloween for HumidBeings.com.


In The Studio With Rotary Downs

I hung out in The Living Room Studio on the west bank to shoot Rotary Down recording their new album.




DJ Soulsister’s Obama Victory Part

Those who were there know the energy that was in the air on election night at One Eyed Jacks as Soulsister lead the way in ushering in a new era.  This one was for HumidBeings.com as well.